Clinical Pilates

Pilates is a widely used and effective form of exercise for all ages, abilities and levels of fitness. The Pilates method seeks to develop controlled movement to gain strength in the ‘core muscles’. The core muscles are a group of muscles which are fundamental in supporting and stabilizing the body, hence Pilates is particularly good for the rehabilitation of many back, neck and shoulder pains as well as postural problems, sports specific injuries and women’s health problems.

At Tide End Osteopathy and Pilates we offer one to one or small group sessions (maximum 3 per class) with a qualified osteopath to ensure the exercises you are doing are both suitable and beneficial for your specific needs. Our studio space provides a well equipped and inviting place to exercise safely whatever your goal. We use a combination of mat work, Barre, reformer, stability chair and small equipment exercises to tailor each session to an individual client’s needs whether it be for a specific injury rehabilitation or to improve general fitness, posture and core strength. We work with everyone from elite athletes to pregnant women and the elderly to:

  • Improve Core Strength
  • Increase Flexibility
  • Reduce Postural Weaknesses
  • Improve Muscle Tone
  • Achieve Balance and Coordination
  • Reduce Injuries
  • Improve General Fitness